We all know that one of the best ways to revamp and redesign your home is by changing the color of your interior walls. But if you are looking for that little something extra to truly set your home apart from the rest, instead of focusing solely on the color of your walls, you should speak to your home painters in Victoria BC about different painting techniques. Using different painting techniques can transform any wall in your home into an accent wall and add a unique touch to your house that will make you the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

 If you’re stuck on choosing the best technique for your home style and preferences, here are 3 of the most trendy and unique painting techniques of 2020:

 Strie Faux Technique

 The strie or ‘dragging’ technique combines latex glaze and a wallpaper paste brush to imitate the image of centuries-old paint affected by dust and sunlight. This simple but effective technique can transform your walls into a memorable feature in your home.

 Ombre Walls

 Ombre walls took the market by storm a couple of years ago. With ever evolving color trends, one thing that will never go out of fashion is a good ombre wall design. Starting with a single paint color and slowly fading into another or multiple other colors, it is a fabulous paint style to dress up any plain wall.

 Rag Rolling

 Rag rolling is a painting technique that not only adds texture, but depth to any living space. It is unique enough to draw attention to your walls without distracting from the overall design and aesthetic of the room. This allows this technique to translate into any room of the house, whether it is the dining area or bedroom.

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