Painting the interior of your walls is a great effective way to completely reinvent your home’s aesthetics and atmosphere but while painting your homes walls seems like it could be a fun family activity, it actually more often than not pans out to me a lot more work than you expected.

Renovating and revamping your home should be a cathartic, enjoyable experience but when starting a project as big as painting your home’s interior walls, it can soon take a turn for the worst and become a tedious and stressful task if you are not well prepared for all it entails. To make sure you are equipped with the knowledge and correct understanding of the BC home interior painting process to allow you to make the right decisions for your home, we have put together a list of absolutely everything you need to know before starting your BC home interior painters project.

 1. Samples Exist For A Reason

 There is no need to play the guessing game when it comes to deciding which paint is going to look better on your walls. Sample pints may not be as cost effective or easy as paint swatches, but they are 100% more accurate.

 2. Primer Is Life

 This is obviously not applicable when you purchase the likes of an all-in-one primer and paint, but in any other situation primer should be the first step you take before even thinking about touching your walls with paint. Primer activates the adhesion of the paint to your walls and prolongs the vitality and life of your paint job.

 3. The More You Prepare, The Quicker You’ll Be

 Doing what may seem like mundane and small preparations for painting, such as taping over electrical outlets and around your skirting boards, will end up saving you a substantial amount of time in the long run. With an already time-consuming task such as painting, you need to save time wherever possible.

 4. Rollers Do Save Time

 Many people shy away from rollers as a painting tool because of the fear of the mess they may cause while using it. This is a misconception and paint rollers are actually an efficient and effective painting tool so be sure to save time and use rollers. 

5. Using An Extension Pole Will Be Advantageous

 Extension poles not only save you the hassle and time of having to get up onto a ladder to reach the top of your interior walls, they also allow you to get an even coat of paint onto your walls without any gradient differences between the top and bottom half or any streaky, uneven lines caused by smaller brushes.

 Painting your home is one of the best ways to bring a new life to it and even though you could do it yourself, to give your home the love and attention to detail it deserves, contact our professional and passionate painters at 6 Star Painting today.