A fresh coat of paint can be an excellent method to freshen up your surroundings when you need a change. However, once you’ve picked the perfect shade and have read through all the painting tips, it is then time to find a professional house painter. Hiring an expert will help you take care of this monumental task, who’s equipped with all the right brushes, overalls and ladders are advantageous for any novice. Finding best painters in Victoria BC that specialise in residential painting can be a saving grace, but knowing the right one to pick can be daunting. To find an expert with years of experience in prepping and priming, who can reach the safely reach heights that need painting and has excellent painting methods, we have compiled a list of three questions to ask during the search. 


Will They Fix Damages?

It is quick and easy for a painter to put a fresh coat over damaged walls or areas that have rotted, but the result will be that the paint used will seem of poor quality despite your hopes. Painting over any damage will cause the paint to crack or form bubbles which can be unsightly and require the process to be redone from scratch. That means purchasing new paint and accessories, and the painting job that was supposed to be affordable will wind up becoming an expensive endeavour. To avoid this scenario, we always fix any damage before starting to paint.


Will They Keep You Updated?

This is an essential question because rather than standing over the painter while they do their job, you would instead complete personal projects. Such a question is critical, especially if its an extensive multi-room project, so best painters in Victoria BC that provide timely updates on their progress will set you at ease. It will prevent you from continuously asking when they’ll be done every couple of hours.


Do They Clean Up After Completing A Project?

Imagine walking into your house, expecting a beautiful looking interior yet all you find is newspapers and plastic all over the floor, paint splatters on the windows and other painting accessories littering the rest of your space. Dependable and professional house painters in Victoria BC will ensure that your house is even better than when you left it once they are done, so asking whether they will clean up after themselves is an important question, but one that should not be asked of an expert.


Painting your property is a job best left to the experts. To find the right one, ask these questions, and you will have no trouble. Alternatively, you can always find the services of 6 Star Painting, experts in interior and exterior painting, with years of experience to back us up. We will work hard to meet and exceed your expectations at every turn. Call us!